Instead of bragging about ourselves, we let our clients do it for us. By the way, thank you to all our loyal clients. Please feel free to pay it forward by clicking a social link below or to read more reviews. If, however, you had a disappointing experience, please let us know how we can improve our services. Thank you!

1st Yelp icon is the Chicago Location | 2nd Yelp icon is the Skokie Location
Simply the best place in Chicago - hands down.
I can go to any one of the ladies at any time of the day and get a perfect wax 100% of the time. They are all amazing.
— Marni, Yelp
The facilities are small but always very clean. Worth the money!
— Tish L, Yelp
Yvonne was all business with my lady business... After 10 minutes of having hot wax in places where hot wax dare not venture, I was all finished and with fantastic results.
— Lynn R, Yelp
I’ll always come back to sisters....not only because they know how to wax, but it’s clean!!! ...Thank you sister’s for making me look great!
— Michelle K, Yelp
I’ve found my way back to Sister’s, because apparently no one in this damn city knows how to wax anymore (or if they do they’re super cocky about it).
— Jo W, Yelp
I highly recommend Sisters!
— Tzvia M, Yelp
This is the best place to go for waxing and facials. The facials are more medical and clearing - not the girlie, froufrou...I really recommend this place for Facials if you want to clear your skin up. The products they sell for skin care are amazing. As for waxing, I’ll never go anywhere, but Sister’s!
— Molly F.
I have gone to a number of waxers for varying levels of bikini/brazilian waxes and Sisters is quick and efficient.
— Andi M, Yelp
Best brazilian I’ve ever gotten - and I’ve gotten many. Clean, fast, as painless as it can be. Most importantly, she really took the time to make sure every hair was gone AND got all the ingrown hairs out.
— Lily C.
The best facial experience in my lifetime! - I highly recommend this outstanding skin care salon.
— Janice M.